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DEVICT History
The footprint of each DEVICT bait boat new product to born completely display DEVICT company’s development.
In 2005:
After finishing the mould design for CATAMARAN baitboat, it began to test the market.
In 2008:
MONO bait boat, MONO bait boat-3 bac and CATAMARAN baitboat started to use electronic parts which made in China, and begin to test Chinese domestic market as well.
In 2010:
DEVICT company started brand operation in the market, and make the products seriation with various models with different facility for choosing. As a milestone, DEVICT begin to develop Chinese and overseas market at the same time which act as the professional manufacturer to produce fishing bait boat with “DEVICT” brand.
In 2011:
Integrated market requirement and company development need, the Smono bait boat begin to design and after more than 1 year testing, it entered the market in the middle of 2012.
In 2011:
All the electronic parts which assort with DEVICT fishing bait boat are all with high quality brand products, or made by DEVICT own development department under international standard.
In 2012:
Start to develop Scata remote control bait boat in order to expand more markets and push it testing market later in 2013.
In 2013:
Based on the foundation of present remote control bait boat, DEVICT started develop the remote boat with powerful driving force with intelligent facility to meet new market field which used for water-resource & hydrogeology research, water environment protection and aquaculture.
In 2013:
DEVICT top-level speed controller with proprietary intellectual property rights come out and begin to used in DEVICT fishing bait boat.
In 2014:
Start the project development of “DEVICT Fishing Robot” which with GPS and fish finder function together.
In 2015:
The mature Scata remote control bait boat began to develop worldwide market.
In 2015:
After more than 2 years development, the high facility remote boat with powerful driving force and intelligent facility began to used in hydrogeology research market and its technical data are all listed in the top level in this industry all over the world.
In 2016:
After about 2 years development, “DEVICT Fishing Robot” begin to face the market. The highlight is not only on GPS + fish finder function, but also on its automatic cruise and “one-key back home” function. Its the core competitive advantage among similar products all over the world.
In 2016:
After more than 1 year development and testing, the brushless engine which used in DEVICT bait boat start to test the market. DEVICT becomes the leader again to use new technology on bait boat, which has been the leader to application for 2.4Ghz & lithium battery in the past...

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